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Study of Neanderthal Y chromosome hints at fertility problems

The first examination of a long-extinct Neanderthal’s Y chromosome suggests that fertility problems may have prevented Neanderthal men from successfully Read at Source

Tutu foundation urges ‘fossil fuel-free ethical investment vehicle’

The Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation on Wednesday said it wants the Anglican Church of Southern Africa to lead Read at Source

Stone Age humans brought deer to Scotland by sea: study

Stone Age humans populated the Scottish islands with red deer transported “considerable distances” by boat, said researchers Wednesday who admitted Read at Source

Facebook tests tech to help blind people enjoy photos

Facebook on Monday began using artificial intelligence to help people with visual impairments enjoy photos posted at the leading social Read at Source

Who stole Shakespeare’s skull? Radar scan confirms it is missing

Shakespeare’s skull is likely missing from his grave, an archaeologist has concluded, confirming rumours which have swirled for years about Read at Source



Kids have lower attention spans than goldfish – games can help in education

Modern human beings have a shorter attention span than goldfish: ours is, on average, below eight seconds while the little Read at Source

Electronic snooping ‘small price to pay’ against terror: expert

Terrorism will cast a continuing shadow over future generations and government electronic surveillance is a small price to pay to Read at Source

Epidemic of ‘ransomware’ is growing hacking threat

Hackers are stepping up efforts to turn their exploits into cold cash, locking a user’s data unless a ransom is Read at Source

Watch the evidence for evolution in you

Evolution has left our bodies full of things which were once useful to our species – at a different point Read at Source

Prison stripes? Zebra’s bid to escape ends in tragedy on Japan golf course

A runaway zebra led police on a dramatic chase across a golf course in Japan, until its bid for freedom Read at Source